The Two Big Reasons you aren't attracting more clients

Let me ask you this:

What do you know about your ideal audience?

If I asked you to describe them to me, could you?  

What type of jobs do they have?  Where do they invest their money, energy and time?  What are they passionate about?  What frustrates them?  What do they like about you?  What do you give them that they aren't getting somewhere else?

If you are scratching your head at these questions, then friend you are not alone.

The number 1 reason you aren't attracting more clients is because you don't know what truly motivates them.

As creatives, so much of your time is spent either on actually doing the work or on seeking new clients/customers that you often get lost in the busyness of business.  It's this kind of day to day strategy, just trying to do the basics, that can keep you stuck.

But the most successful brands know that you have to dig deeper to develop a real understanding of your target clients/customers in order to build your business successes from the ground up.  They understand that investing in this foundational work is what will allow you to build a long term business strategy that will make you GROW.

Friends, it's exceptionally easy to follow the well worn path of your industry peers, and simply to do as they do in order to try and generate the same kinds of results you see others getting.  You see success all around you and you want a piece of that for yourself.  You might think, "I am as talented as he/she is; I can do that too."   You might be doing all.of.the.things everyone else is doing and wonder why you aren't booking enough clients, why you aren't getting the type of clients that you really want, or why you hear crickets when you post something up on your fan page or IG account.

In a competitive market, knowing your audience and speaking directly to their hearts is the single best way to effective content marketing.  It's the hard work that needs to be done FIRST before you spend your time creating products/services, doing trade shows or printing your business cards.  

As the kooky scientologists say, you have to "Begin at the Beginning."  And let your energy, time and investments be made with the confidence that comes from understanding who you serve and what they need from you.

After you have taken the time to know and understanding your ideal clients, you have to connect the dots between their values, needs and wants and WHAT YOU OFFER.  And you have to do this by connecting with their hearts not their minds.

The #2 reason you aren't attracting more clients is because you aren't connecting deep enough.

Statistics prove time and time again that the best way to motivate a sale is to generate an emotional connection.  This isn't new information but where most people go wrong is by only scratching the surface of that emotional connection.  

Have you read the "About me" page for your industry peers?  Photographers, in particular, all say pretty much the same things.  Yes, preserving memories is important to your clients, it's important to EVERYONE, yes, you want to give them a timeless keepsake they can enjoy do your competitors.  

But what do you want your kindred clients to FEEL about you?  What is your competitive edge?  What would make them jump up and down and call their partners to immediately demand they look at your website?  What will make them cry the best kind of tears?

If you aren't aiming to captivate your audience, you won't be able to motivate them to hire you either.  It's only in creating those deep heart connections, that you will be able to attract those dream clients.

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