Promotional Films - A giant waste of your money (mostly)

*Walks into room full of people

"Heya Friendlies!  Tell me about the last promotional video you watched?"

*sound of crickets

" know, a promotional, uh, a video where the person is being interviewed and talks about their business and there are, like, scenes of them doing business type stuff.....uh..showing what they do and smiling a lot........anyone??"

*sound of brains thinking really hard


"Uh, yeah, I've seen a few of those.  I don't remember what they were for exactly......"  *voice trails off in deep thought...

*puzzled looks are exchanged

"What about the promotional video for Bud Light?  With the puppy and the horses?  Anyone remember that?"

*80% of room nods in agreement.  Smiles appear everywhere

"Oh my gosh - YES," shouts someone from the far corner.  "That video made me cry like a baby!"  "So.Stinking.Sweet."

From the other corner of the room...

"OMG, do you guys remember that IKEA promo with the lamp?!"  "It was sooooo sad!  But then so funny!"  "One minute you were all...awwww poor lamp and the next you were like,'s just a lamp!" lololololololol

"The lamp doesn't have FEELINGS!", shouts a man in front of me. *"Bahahahahahaha".

*small conversations break out in the room.  Laughter, awww-ing and passionate remembrances are overheard.

"THAT, I say turning to my client next to me, is why promotional films are a giant waste of your money (mostly)."

Friends!  If the promotional video someone offers to make your business doesn't make you tear/awww/lol/nom nom nom/eeeek/weeeee/yaaaayyyy or make your face hurt from smiling, it will have basically NO IMPACT on your prospective clients.

Gals!  I'm not just telling you this because I want your business, I'm telling you this because I KNOW that there are many of you out there who want SO MUCH MORE than what is being offered by a lot of video producers and I do not want you to do what I have done many times with my previous businesses, and waste your incredibly precious time, energy and hope on something that is utterly forgettable.

There is only one reason to invest in an Emotive Brand Film, instead of a Promotional video:  CONNECTIONS + FEELINGS = MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.


If that's not you - if your business isn't about profitability, sustainability, filling a market need, and providing a valuable service or product, and you are just doing this because you love it and you think maybe you're pretty good at it - then, my friend - THEN yeah, go ahead and make that promo video.  It won't matter.