Interview with Ottawa Business Coach Ashley Beaudin

Let me just say:  If you don't know Ashley Beaudin, you are missing out.

Ashley is a major heart encourager, business coach, content creator, movement maker and HUGE supporter of women breaking through the image of perfection and sharing their authentic and powerful stories to create a businesses with real impact.

She also happens to live right here in Ottawa, is a part of our local Rising Tide Society chapter called Tuesday's Together,  and is a dear friend and trusted resource whenever I need help in my own business.

Earlier this month, I reached out to Ashley to see if she would be willing to let me pick her brain and share all of the goodness found there with all of you because I know first hand that interacting with Ashley in even a small way, can radically bless and change you.

Meeting with Ashley is always such a treat!  Her infectious laugh and soothing warm voice leave you feeling supported and full of joy, even on hard days.  Ashley inspires me to keep dreaming big and to continue to embrace community over competition.  As a women supporting other women reach their goals and live lives of meaning and purpose, Ashley is the real deal - a genuine force to help you rise up to the next level of your business dreams.

Wanna get a feel for who this amazing women is?  Check out our Emotive Brand Film short for a tiny peek into what makes Ashley so special.

She's the cutest, right?

Last month, Ashley wrapped up another incredible #theimperfectboss social media campaign and relaunched her business to focus strategically on her expertise as a Business Coach and Movement Maker.  

With this exciting focus in mind, I reached out to talk about her vision and her heart for creative women just like you and me.

Warning, reading further might cause severe inspiration.  Symptoms include, but aren't limited to:  Smiling, excessive note taking, feeling like your mind has exploded, trying to high five your mobile device or desktop, shouting "YAAAAASSSS" so loud you startle yourself, and spending hours stalking Ashley on social media...

Proceed with caution!

Interview with the amazing, Ashley Beaudin. 


Salt and Light Studio:  You have done a lot of different things in your life, how did you know that Business Coaching was the right fit for you?  Can you explain your WHY?

Ashley Beaudin:  My why comes from a vision I have for women in that I see woman as an answer for the world. My vision is to help them bring their gifts to the world through their businesses. Because when they do, not only will it make them come alive and be fulfilled, but it will inevitably transform the world too. Helping women get out of their own way and create their version of success is my passion. 

SLS:  There are a heap tonne of Business Coaches out there these days, for those who aren't quite sure what a business coach does, can you explain the general idea and also your own approach to coaching?  Who should hire a business coach?  

AB:  You're right! There are a ton of business coaches out there and they come in all different styles, perspectives and approaches. Ultimately, a business coach is someone who gets in your corner to help you create a business that you love and makes money too! I believe every entrepreneur should have a business coach. There is nothing better than having that one-on-one customized feedback and support as you make your dreams happen. 

SLS:  Who is your ideal client?  What do you want them to know or feel about you as a Business Coach?

AB:  My ideal client is the entrepreneur who has so much heart that it is pouring out of her skin. She is passionate, visionary and has all-the-dreams. She has a vision for authenticity and community. She wants to create a successful business not just for the money, but for the impact and she wants to emerge as a leader in her industry. I want them to know that they can create a business with heart and make money. That it is not one or the other. It can be both. 

SLS:  Where do you see your business going?  What's your secret dream?

AB:  My big dream is to do speaking, write books and produce transformational retreats for women. I want to foster social media movements that create positive change in my lifetime. And I want every woman that meets me to catch a fire to bring their gifts to the world with confidence. 

SLS:  Your, "The Imperfect Boss" viral campaign has been a huge success, can you explain to those who have been living under a rock what it is and why you think it has been so successful?

AB:  The Imperfect Boss is a social media campaign where hundreds of women come together to post confessions of what it really looks like to work for yourself and make your dreams happen. It is about empowering women to reveal their imperfections, build businesses that light them up and find community among a sisterhood of women who are flawed, but daring. I think it has been so successful because we're tired of perfect and we're craving real. 


SLS:  You talk a lot about having a heart-led business, what does that look like for your clients?

AB:  Running a heart-led business is about running everything you do out of the filter of it aligning with your heart. Does it light you up or does it drain you? Do you feel connected with your heart or are you doing things because you think you should? Your heart is power in your business. That's where the magic comes from. 

SLS:  People often think of owning a business as a matter of facts and figures, what is the advantage of leading from your heart?  Would you recommend this approach for all entrepreneurs?

AB:  The advantage of leading from your heart is that you come alive, you stand out and your community feels very connected with you. I think we can all learn from the art of leading with heart a little more, but I also think, we need leaders who are more strategic and think with their mind as well. We need both. 

SLS:  You have a very cheerful, positive, encouraging Brand Identity with a very consistent Brand throughout your online presence, what practical advice do you have for others looking to clarify their own brands? 

AB:  Establish your brand early on. Infuse it with your personality and your vision. Decide how you want people to feel when they encounter your brand above everything else. 

SLS:  What are you most excited about doing this year?  Do you have upcoming projects people should check out?

AB:  I am so excited about The Imperfect Boss campaigns and some of the courses I've got releasing this year!