Our Brand Story

Here's the Heart of What I know is True:

I am an encourager.

I was created for this:  To walk alongside gutsy creative women as you discover your PURPOSE;  to help you REVEAL that calling in brave and beautiful ways.  I want to connect you with kindred clients and attract the kind of work that you were born to do so you can stop feeling invisible in a crowded market and start connecting with kindred clients who GET you.

I create pieces to MOVE you forward.

I don't just create brand films.  I dig into the deep.  I help you uncover what is real and what is true - your brand voice.

As a wife, mom of three tiny people and photographer for two decades, I know how confusing, frustrating and disheartening it can be to build a creative business by yourself.  

You can take a dozen online courses and webinars to help you learn all of the different "Must Do" business tips and tricks but unless you dig into the deep, investing in truly understanding WHO you are, WHAT your kindred clients need and the work you are truly CALLED to, you'll build your newfound knowledge on a shaky foundation and be perpetually second guessing your decisions.

  • You'll crowdsource and research what others are doing but constantly feel indecisive because nothing will quite feel right to you and you like ALL.THE.THINGS.  
  • You'll watch others bringing in steady, seemingly fulfilling work and feel like they must know something you don't.
  • You'll feel lost and unsure how to actually get where you want to go.  
  • You'll be afraid of investing in the wrong things and wasting your time and resources.

Sound familiar?

That was me for waaaaay too long.  I knew I had the talent, I had a tonne of knowledge about all kinds of photography, best practices, pricing, products, editing, blogging, etc. but couldn't pull all the pieces together to make one coherent vision for my business.  In short - I was overwhelmed by options and frozen by fear of making the wrong choice, failing, and wasting money.  Instead, I ended up wasting a lot of time trying to find the magical course, workshop or retreat that would bring the kind of clarity I needed to break out.

That's why Salt and Light Studio offers "sidecar"coaching exclusively to our clients - so you don't have to figure it all out on your own or by joining yet another facebook group.  I invest my whole heart into you and your business success and together we create your first highly marketable, utterly captivating piece of new Branded Content that reflects your newly identified brand perfectly.  

Are you ready to leverage the incredible connective power of an Emotive Brand Film and move forward with clarity and confidence?  Click here.

Watch the Salt and light studio Brand Film here.