I help creatives understand Their brand identity, express Their purpose and connect with their kindred clients by harnessing the power of Emotive Brand Films and POWERFUL Brand Imagery to set you apart in a saturated industry.

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I am an advocate for, and supporter of, ambitious women. I encourage big feelings and expressive art.  I work exclusively with Photographers, Artists, Stylists, Makers, and Female Entrepreneurs to craft emotion-filled on-brand motion and still content that cuts through the noise and actually connects.

Are you Feeling lost in a sea of similar brands or services?  Let me help you stand out.


when what you are doing isn't enough to get where you want to be...

Go Deeper

Your kindred clients want so much MORE from their interactions with you than just a simple transaction;  they want to build a genuine connection with you.  That's why it isn't enough just to produce and show good work; there are plenty of super talented creatives who aren't getting as much business as they could if they truly understood their brand and invested in connecting with the kindred clients who would become their greatest fans and most loyal customers.

At Salt and Light studio, I start with your heart, digging deep, finding your brand clarity and expressing your brand values through powerful films and still imagery.  So you can use your Emotive Brand film to:

  • reach more of the RIGHT kinds of clients with higher engagement
  • sell your service or goods without feeling sales-y
  • create trust with prospective clients making them more likely to hire/buy from you
  • clarify your Value Proposition so clients completely GET why they should hire you above anyone else



Cinematic Brand and Campaign Films have a real IMPACT that resonates with your kindred clients in a way that other social media content cannot. 


It isn't only about your end product, it's about the unique voice that you bring that will make your kindred clients feel more invested in YOU.


What we offer



Being an entrepreneur can be tough and lonely....

Your spouse or sister or mom, want to help but....they just don't get it.

And making decisions for your business can be overwhelming and stressful (too many ideas, too little time...*Le Sigh).  After all, you don't want to waste your money on things that you don't really need or that won't actually help you find and connect with more of the kinds of clients you need to actually build your business the way you want so you can hustle a little less and find more peace and confidence.

That's why we offer Sidecar Brand Coaching, so you don't have to take this journey alone.

I'll be your navigator.  Your Wing (Wo)-man.  Your Business BFF.


What you get:

Confidence and Clarity to take your business to the next level of awesomeness.

Worksheets to help you dig deep and get to the heart of things +  Additional personalized resources to get you answers.

Someone who will walk through it all with you for 3-4 months of life and business changing insight advice and practical help.

Someone to call when the wheels come off and you need business advice from someone who's been where you are, a pep talker who will remind you on the regular that you can do hard things, a sounding board for that swirling vortex of ideas you have to help you make valuable decisions and focus on your business goals.

Website review, help with content writing, and help understanding and communicating your value proposition (the things that make you special in your industry).

Solid practical help from an experienced Photography Business Owner, Longtime BossBabe, and perpetually creative soul.

Lunch dates at my favourite diner, root-beer floats at my house, high fives and squishy hugs and a business BFF who will dive into the deep with you and uncover the nugget of truth you need to really truly flourish in your work and life. 

If you are thinking - holy smokes I need this like yesterday!  



Emotive Brand Film (Full)

Designed to deliver key brand messaging to your ideal clients so that they fall head of heels in love with your unique brand. Emotive Brand Story Films are designed to communicate who you ARE, who you SERVE and the WHY behind it all through on Brand moving imagery, cinematic soundtrack and voice over. (No Boring talking heads allowed!)

Final film:  up to 3 minutes


Emotive Brand Film (short)

A shorter version of the Full Length Emotive Brand Story Film designed to deliver key brand messaging in a condensed, powerful cinematic film ideal for New and Small Business owners looking to leverage the power of video to set themselves apart right from the start.

Final film:  1-2 minutes.  Instagram teaser up to 1 minute

Branded Portraiture

Digging into the heart of you and your brand, we craft thoughtful on-brand imagery of the most important part of your business - YOU.

Branded Portraiture can be commissioned on it's own or added on to a film package.


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